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 [Thai] Ubut Rak Kham Kob Fah

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PostSubject: [Thai] Ubut Rak Kham Kob Fah   Fri Mar 18, 2011 3:12 pm

Ubut Rak Kham Kob Fah/Love Beyond Frontier

* Title: ubat rak kham khop fa
* Native title: อุบัติรักข้ามขอบฟ้า
* Also known as: Love Beyond Frontier
*Episodes 26
*Duration 50 minutes
*Air Date 09 Aug, 2008 - 02 Nov, 2008

Mike, a young man whos a half Thai-Japanese travelled to Thailand in search of his Mom with no knowledge of Thailand even a little bit.

Golf, a young Thai man, who loves Nature, has a bad past of losing his father and never gave up to anyone. He has a friend (or antagonist ^^ ?) called Peul, whos crazy of Japanese culture. Shes the owner of the apartment that Golf rents.

And because of being unprepared of his coming to Thailand, Mike has to encounter with many unexpected problems that made him get to know a girl called Pat. Pat is a beautiful girl, working in an advertising company who always involves herself in cyber life internet and online diary.

All four of them, Golf, Mike, Peul and Pat came to know of each other through an unexpected situation which made them all to live under the same roof, Peuls apartment. This made them get to know and started getting closer to each other.

The bond among these four started developing into which we call Love. Though at times there may be a confusion of actually who loves who or who likes who, but they started to learn of the feelings generated in their hearts. This made them started exchanging cultures between Japan and Thailand without realizing it themselves.

And about the friendship between Golf and Mike: They both never realized that the one whom Mike was looking for was Golfs mother as well. They both have got the same mother which further leads to some misunderstanding and almost made the two brothers fight between themselves.

How will the confusions created in the relationships of friends, brothers and lovers amidst the lessons they learn and the exchange of cultures between Japan and Thailand go on or end, find the answer in this Romantic-Comedy lakorn, which has got a lesson for teens these days in this world that revolves faster than cultures,Ubat Ruk Kaam Kaub Fah.

# Pichaya Nitipaisalkul (Golf) as Golf
# Pirath Nitipaisalkul (Mike) as Mike
# Jarinporn Joonkiat (Toey) as Ple
# Patsaya Kreursuwansiri (Peak) as Pat

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[Thai] Ubut Rak Kham Kob Fah
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